Friday, February 29, 2008

Hip-Hop dancing makes you whiter

So this is my random thought:
Have you ever noticed that if you have little to no experience in hip-hop, then taking a class in said style actually makes you feel whiter? I seriously love hip-hop dance as well as break-dancing, step and anything related, so whenever I could take a hip-hop class (before I got too sick to do so) I jumped at the opportunity to let my bad self loose...But when my bad self (who is really a black woman much cooler than me) realizes she's stuck in a butt-less body trained in ballet and modern, she just laughs at me and leaves me to pop and lock alone with no attitude. I try and get her back with my ferocious dance faces or pretend I'm too cool to care, but it never seems to work and I'm left contemplating why Scandinavians never had the sense to develop body rhythm in their culture but instead spent their time burying fish in lye. It's one of the great mysteries my friends, but perhaps it means I have an inherent sense for lutefisk. One can only hope can't they?