Friday, October 2, 2009

Life on the Street

So maybe I should write something on here. I don't think I have any readers anymore for the silly reason of not writing!! Well that's gonna change! At least for tonight.

Well...I am currently in Dayton, OH and we leave in a few days for Salisbury, Maryland. We're never in one place for more than a week and this week and the next we're in two cities. It can get tiring riding the bus for eight hours, packing and unpacking every few days, and not being able to see and enjoy my husband, but when we actually do the shows, I have to admit, I have the coolest job ever. I'm dancing and singing with Muppets! Hundreds of children 5 and under all want to be me for an hour and a half! I may never earn the envy of my peers , but damn it, if you're a kid, you'd want my job. I made a swear.

So here's some basic facts about my job:

1. The entire show (except for my part) is tracked, meaning it's all pre-recorded, so if I take too long saying a line, the show goes on anyway so timing is everything.

2. I am double-cast, so some shows I'm the live human character, and some shows I get to be Oscar and a black-light butterfly. Oscar's head is heavy, but it's fun to be the only mean Muppet.

3. The dancers who play the Muppets are real people, but they don't have any mics since their voices are recorded by the actual Sesame Street characters from the show, and I've heard more dirty jokes from Big Bird than any live human.

4. The show is basically a rock concert for kids. They come dressed like the stars (Mupperts), sing along to really loud music and flashing lights, and they get out of their seats to dance and mosh until one of them passes out. That last part only happened in my mind.

So there's my life for another month, and then it's time to head home. So, if you've got any questions about life on the Street, go ahead and ask so that it will make me post again. Or you don't have to and can send me a passive-aggressive message that I just shouldn't post.

And now for something totally unrelated and totally brilliant: