Wednesday, January 9, 2008

First entry

So I really can't believe this-I'm finally getting a blog. I've never wanted one before-I felt like they were too emotionally indulgent. I mean sure, anyone feels like they can say anything over cyberspace and can cry an electronic river, but I never wanted that to be an excuse to avoid talking about important things in real life. Or feeling like because I'm in cyberspace no one will hurt me and I can be a little too open about my feelings and life. Everyone's more open when they're writing to an unknown crowd. Maybe that can be a good thing, though.

Well, there have been times when I had random thoughts that I thought would be perfect for a blog. Some are funny and some are serious and some are so deep you'll be like "wow, I'm 25% more enlightened than I was 5 minutes ago." I promise-a whole 25%! But it's an internet promise so if it doesn't work my Email will disappear before you can find me. Mwhahahahahaha

Well, that's all for now.


Britta said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, my dear! But I'm warning you, comments make the cyberspace "unknown crowd" very known! I'm excited to read all about your crazy life every week...

The Shark said...

I concur with your first entry. Who cares about the personal, meaningful/less things going on in my life? That's why my blog is more a creative outlet then a day-to-day pouring out of my thoughts/activities.

Huzzah for your blog!