Sunday, May 18, 2008

A day in the life of Gentlemen Broncos

So, for the last 2 weeks my husband has been working on the set of Gentlemen Broncos and invited me to come visit him one of the last days of filming. So, I decided to visit Studio 5 that night to see what could be seen and meet who could be met.

As I approached the rear of the studio, I saw a deer (stuffed) go by with rockets attached to its side and loaded into a truck. Once inside the studio (I made sure the red light was off when I entered), an actor wearing a beard that Moses would envy, was being held above the ground by a rope attached to a crane. Most of the almost 40-foot high studio was covered in green-screen. I realized how much I had underestimated the color green when I felt like I was being swallowed by it. Turning away from the plethora of bright green before me, I saw another deer, but this poor fellow had only his front half and his eyes had been replaced with little telescopes. It was a little eerie.

Finding that the deer had little to say, I found my husband-who said they were just setting up for the next shot, so it was great timing. One of the crew came up to us, and I thought "This guy sort of looks like a lost character form Napolean Dynamite." This is how the conversation ensued:

Man: Hey Nathan, is this your wife?

Hubby: Yah, this is Laurel. Laurel this is Jared.

Me: Hey! Nice to meet you (Jared....I know there's a Jared working on this film...but it's not-)

Man who is Jared Hess: Did she get a hamburger?

Hubby: Oh, she can't actually eat them so-

Jared Hess: Oh, well I ate yours then.

Me: Ha! (OK, show off how witty and charming you are) least it didn't go to waste! Ha, ha!

Jared: Yah, well nice to meet you.

Hubby: Wow, that was really nice, you don't always get to meet the director.

Me: Wait-that was Jared Hess? (Damn, I'm clever!)

Following that monumental conversation, my husband introduced me to the crew. Several of them seemed surprised.

Hubby: Yah, I like bringing you on set so people know I'm old enough to be married.

I then watched them film the actor being held a few feet above the green ground with his beard blowing in the fan-wind. He wasn't actually doing anything except hanging kind of limply and occasionally saying "oh yah." in an odd, relaxed sort of way. Logically, my first thought was-
"If all of civilization was destroyed and they could only find the film footage from this take-a man hanging in the wind surrounded by green-what would they think of us?"

Seriously though, what do you think it would be interpreted as?

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The Former 786 said...

So. . .when are are you and your connected hubby going to hook a brother up with a starring movie role? :)

And did you know that one of the actors in this movie was the voice of Raphael in the 1990 movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?!?!?!?!