Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Man's Heart is Through His Stomach

I had some left-over fry sauce from Sammy's (excellent local joint), and decided to use that in an egg-salad sandwich. I mean there's mayonnaise in fry-sauce too, right? My husband was a little wary at first, but decided to eat it since there was nothing else to eat anyway. He didn't complain. I was satisfied I had succeeded at a decent sandwich. Then he said in complete sincerity:

Hubby: Oh Pookum, I'm love you.

The Pookum (me): Oh thanks. Why?

Hubby: I'm just so proud of you. You took a risk.

The Pookum: (trying to think of what I had done this week) Really?

Hubby: Yah, you took a risk and made a great sandwich.

So if you want to make your man proud, go out on a limb. Make a sandwich.


Sarah said...

Oh Laurel! I miss you. This post made me laugh. I also couldn't help myself from thinking of the infamous left Pookum left you while we were in Vegas. So funny!

jo said...

no way, there was a place for fee icewater and I missed it????

Why didn't I consult you first?

by the way, I am also very impressed at your risk taking and success! you'll have to post the recipe for us all, ha ha ha.

The Former 786 said...

This recipe sounds interesting.

As a Utahn and an egg lover I must try it!