Friday, August 21, 2009

Today I Did Not....

So inspired by several of my friend Lindsi's posts, I will make a list of things I absolutely, totally DID NOT do today:

1. I did not stay on the verge of tears while trying to learn one 16-count section of dance for almost an hour.

2. I did not eat a huge Angus burger that my stomach would still be trying to digest.

3. I did not comb my hair and inwardly gasp at the amount of dan-err, dead skin on my scalp.

4. I did not lose my black sports bra.

5. I did not get lost three times going back and forth from the co-op that is 5 blocks from our hotel.

6. I did not complain about 50 times to whoever would listen about how stressed I am having to memorize an entire 90-minute track with choreography.

So wow, look at all the things I totally did NOT do! Aren't I a perfect example of self-restraint?

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