Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I am Full of Snot, but I've Still Got Jane Austen

That's not a euphemism or anything, I literally am full of snot. I've been sick for awhile now (my immune system isn't the greatest) and it really sucks. However, I've had Jane Austen movies and a free trial of WoW to keep me company (don't laugh, my Night-Elf Rogue would kick your trash.)

What's really funny to me though, is that when I watch a lot of Jane Austen, I start wanting to talk like an upper/middle-class 17th-century English lady. Like it slips out when I'm not even trying. I mean it just sounds so pretty. However, if I started telling people their remarks were impertinent or they were setting propriety at naught, I think it more likely they would increase the behavior which had caused the offense instead of properly and resolutely ending it as decorum dictates.

Furthermore, I wish to state that Jane Austen films are far sexier than anything we do nowadays. A favorite acting teacher of mine told us that our society has lost the sense for touch, and I have to agree. Who can have sexual tension when everyone's clothes are off 30 minutes into the movie? But when I watch Pride and Prejudice, I get such a thrill out of a look or touch of the hand. Those small things become infused with meaning and....they make me want my husband home very quickly.

Seriously guys, if you want to get lucky throw some Jane Austen in the DVD Player. Or just come home dressed as Mr. Darcy, you know, if you're into that sort of thing.

I just had to


Kristina P. said...

We saw The Duchess this weekend. Those Brits love their baudy sex movies!

Julie Anne said...

I speak in a British accent all the time. There is nothing wrong with that.
And I have to say, I'm a bit like a Jane Austen movie. If I'm touching a guy, it means something. Sometimes it's because a guy friend has become touchy and I'm okay with that, but mostly it's A BIG EFFING DEAL. I can never touch guys I like, so if I touch a guy, it means I'm completely comfortable with him and like him, or I'm not interested in him whatsoever.
I'm so ridiculous. I'm such a contradictory person.

*MARY* said...

I loved your comment and hey look, it's the name of your blog!

This post made me want to watch all 12 hours of pride and prejudice, I get all giddy when Elizabeth runs into a scantily clad Mr. Darcy at his pemberley estate.
giggle giggle

Brittany said...

I love the word "vex". We just don't use that as often as we should anymore. And since when did walking around the room stop being refreshing? Also, I wish all my get togethers with family and friends and neighbors involved someone playing the piano and singing. Wait, no I don't.

Brigitte said...

I followed you over from Kristina's blog when I saw your comment. You need to check out this blog (http://www.feministmormonhousewives.org/)

It's exactly what you are talking about. Well that's all. Later!

Vixen said...

your comment on Kristina's blog just gave me an idea and I am starting a blog about sex for mormons, or just for anyone who wants to talk about it. come by and join in, I hope people come by and join in.

Token Asian Friend said...

Whenever I read in my head, it IS in an upper/middle class 17th century English woman's accent.

The Former 786 said...

The Kermit link made me laugh.

And now I have that blinkin' No Life Without Wife song stuck in my head!