Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving cake

I'm not home now, but I just wanted to say that Nathan and I finally were reunited with the rest of our amazing wedding cake. A great family gathering is taking place and my mom and dad just flew in tonight with my mom carrying the bottom layer of our wedding cake (which weighed about 15 pounds) as her carry-on item all the way to grandma's.

Oh, and Mr. and Mrs. Lobbie were married May of 2007. The cake has been in the freezer since...

It was AWESOME! That's what you get when everything including the fondant is home-made. It also helps to have 25 relatives around to eat it. However, I'm not supposed to have white sugar and I'm...not...feeling...the greatest. I'll get back to the blogging world in a few days when I've recovered and interacted with people. I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Miracle of Pizza and Tiny Plastic Things

So as I started writing this, I came to the realization that the humans I have interacted the most with in the past few weeks are all under 11 years old. And, as I'm sure so many of you know, we really do learn things from children that we seem to forget in our older years. I thought I'd share some jewels with you.

Don't throw your toys in the basketball hoop. How many of us, in the rush of our day-to-day lives, keep throwing stuffed animals in that spare basketball hoop as we head off to work or school, regardless of the consequences? One day we may actually want them back, but they're trapped in a hopeless net of...net until someone taller than us can get them out, and I hate being dependent on tall people.

Small, brightly-colored pieces of plastic should entertain you for hours. This lesson was learned from my dear Sunbeams. At the end of the lesson, did they want to draw pictures, run outside, or sing? No! I had given them some giant, plastic jax from our lesson and what can you do with those? EVERYTHING! You can pretend they're you're eyes, you can hide them in your blanket, you can spin them on the ground or make them attack your friends! They are so fun you'll have to put them away during class because they just ooze excitement! So really, if you have any kind of colored plastic in your home, you have no excuse to be bored.

Everything is better if you shout it. It doesn't matter what you're going to say, if you shout it, it's automatically better and funnier! Also, this is a great way to impress your peers. Remember that at your next board meeting.

Someone who can scream and chase me=friend. I used to think it was a bad thing when people I didn't know ran at me screaming. What a stuffy fool I was! Kids make friends this way! What kind of friend wouldn't run after you yelling all sorts of things? Think about it next time that homeless man attacks you-he probably just wants to play.

Eating Godfather's pizza is the most exciting event EVER (AKA Pizza Party)
OK, so pizza is always somewhat exciting, but if you actually call it a pizza party......woah, I had to stop the rush of excitement that just came from writing that...then the pizza and whatever you drink tastes 50X better!
And it's always best to get the most pizza, not the best pizza, so everyone can have LOTS of it! Then the fun factor is upped so high, that just sitting there is 300% more fun than chasing friends or throwing toys into basketball hoops-though these things usually follow a pizza party. Remember that for your next board meeting.

Well I hope you've been as touched as I have. I thought I'd share one more think with you that I found as I was web-searching. It looks like a literary masterpiece meant to expand the mind of kids everywhere.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

When You're Dead Your Vote Doesn't Count

I'm sure you're all thinking I'm going to make some reference to ACORN or reveal that I have the plague, but really I just wanted to say that according to all extreme postitions on both sides (because we know those are the most accurate), I will die or have a horrible life no matter who becomes president.

One candidate is
obviously a closet-Muslim-terrorist who will support Al-Queda after he socializes us so he can spread the carnage around equally.
The other will
of course die of old age and insanity tomorrow and leave us with a brainless Barbie doll who will deny the existence of dinosaurs and have a big ol' book-burning BAR-BQ in her backyard so she can keep an eye on Russia for when she starts World War III.

Obviously we're all gonna die either way, so really, does my vote count?

I did vote today and was very happy about it. I just hate the extremes people go to to smear the other candidate-both of whom I respect.