Saturday, August 23, 2008

NYC is a shameless flirt

So for all (one) of you who have commented on my lack of posts, I will explain: I'm in NYC. I'm on my friend's computer (it's weird) and she also uses Internet Explorer which I don't like (Yeah Firefox!), so I won't be linking my usual randomness. However, I WILL tell you all about the shameless flirt that is New York City.

So first off, I'm here to audition for two things that aren't even in NY, but are having their auditions here and I'm also seeing a host of friends out here who are much more sucessful and/or daring than I. This city is a place I always imagined myself living, and the two or three times I have visited over the years left me with a deep longing and conviction that I was destined to live in Manhattan like an actor is destined to wait tables. But coming here now that I'm a little older and more married, I was like "meh, it's a big city with more arts, more theater, and more pretenciousness." But New York wouldn't have it. Let me tell you the ways New York City has teased me:

-The weather here has been insanely perfect. It's not August in this city right now. I think they jumped to early October/late September.
-I have heard horror stories about the rats, mice, and cockroaches in this city-yet have I seen a single one? Not even in the tracks of the subway!
-It's pretty laid-back right now (for the city.) Most New Yorkers are getting in their vacation time right before the fall so lots of places aren't as crowded.
-One of my friends is letting me stay at her place while she is off with her family to see the Olympics (in China.) She lives in a nice studio apartment right next to Central Park on the Upper West Side. The neighborhood is a beautiful one with lots of cute familes taking walks down tree-lined streets.
-There are tons of natural food stores and restuarants that aren't ridiculously over-priced. I mean, everything is overpriced to a point in NY, but at home, the natural food choices are way more expensive in relation to other food choices-but here they're only slightly more expensive and sometimes even cheaper! (Note: For those who don't know, I have to stay on a pretty strict diet, so this is a very good thing)
-I was going to take a class at THE Broadway Dance Center, but a friend of mine recommended New Dance Group instead and boy, am I glad! No dance-diva teachers, no overcrowded classes with overcrowded egos and actual individual attention! It felt so good to dance again and not feel intimidated by all the "big-city dancer" stuff.
-This is the biggest shocker: I haven't met any mean New Yorkers. In fact, I've had some great experiences with the people here. A few days ago I was lost on the Subway (got on a train going the wrong direction) and one of the Subway musicians yells over to me (in a true NY accent) "Hey, sweetheart are you lost? Do you need to find the Upper West Side?" Then proceeded to tell me exactly what train I needed to take and where.


Obviously New York is shamelessly flirting with me..."Seee? (bats eyelashes) there are no rats here! And everyone is always soooo nice and helpful-see how all the neighborhoods are safe and beautiful with consistently perfect weather? I'm suuure you'll be able to afford to live here where things don't get too crowded and you can always eat healthy!"

Well, as long as NY is going to pander to me, I may as well enjoy it. I did get my bag of questionable character in Chinatown for $35 (though I'm still mad that I probably could have talked him down to 30.) It says it's a Coach bag. Let's not judge lest we be judged also-and bags can be very judgemental.

Well, I'll head home Tusday night after being torridly wooed by the seductive New York City. Will it work? Maybe, but I imagine that once I leave, all the rats get some signal that it's OK to come out again.


Adam and Kristina said...

Thanks for answering my plea by making me insanely jealous! In fact, one of my best friends and her husband just landed in NYC this morning, to attend whatever tennis tournament is going on there right now.

I love NYC. This same friend lived there for 6 months as a travel nurse, and while she loved it, she was ready to come back home. It was great to stay with her, in her huge, beautiful apartment, that everyone in her singles ward was completely jealous of.

I love cities, but I think I would have a hard time living in Manhattan for an extended period of time, but I love to visit whenever I can.

Good luck with your auditions!

P.S. I also posted about doing a Meet and Greet for the people I have never met, who read my blog. I would love to meet you!

Sarah T. said...

Laurel it isn't an act. NYC was able to impress me for the entire duration of my internship. Granted I didn't live there for a long time, but I think it would have been hard for NYC to hide all of their "skeletons in the closet" for two months.

The lack of rats is really true, the only time I saw a rat in NYC was in The Bronx near the subway rail.

I loved that you could get fresh strawberries, blueberries, apples, raspberries, blackberries, and tons of other fruit from a vendor almost every three blocks, for fairly cheap!

And although the phantom wears a mask on broadway, NYC isn't wear a mask of disguise as a mystical, wonderful city. I hope to return, with a mailing address again someday.

The Former 786 said...


What are you doing in NY?

I thought you lived here.

I thought your husband lived here.

I'm confused.

Adam and Kristina said...

Lobbie, you are still one of my very favorite "fans!" And I'm still one of yours! I read every single comment.

Did anyone else tell you that they missed blogging from you? I rest my case. :)