Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Best Interview Ever

Just a quick word of advice.

When you're interviewing for a children's story-teller position at the Public Library, and you're doing your sock-puppet routine, make sure you plan out your act in a little more detail so you don't accidentally say the following:

Sock Puppet Princess: But Daddy! I want a pig! Did you know they don't even sweat! That's more than you can say for your courtesans-NO! I meant COURT! Court!


Adam and Kristina said...

You're a shoo in for that position. I would slowly try to work in offensive things that the kids wouldn't understand, so they can go home and tell their parents what they learned.

Lindsi Michelle said...

haha! AWESOME! And your comments never show up because I keep forgetting to publish them. They're there now though!

Tiff said...


My love for you... let me show you it.